Our Mission

To empower, promote, feature, and represent the various aspects of obstacle racing for women.

To provide a place for other female OCR athletes to showcase their skills and share their stories.  Their is an athlete in all of us and here we empower each other through our experiences.

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Extraordinary Experiences

“I had the opportunity to Run The Jail Break with WOR co-founder, Elizabeth Rivera in San Antonio on 3/15/2014. Liz demonstrated her awesomeness of being a team player and her ability to encourage not only myself when I needed it but also encourage strangers who met their fear at the top of a big wall climb. Liz stayed with me all through the race and never left my side.

When we came toward the end she asked if I wanted to finish or do the road less traveled. I thought about it for a second thinking the finish line sounded good but I said let’s do the road less traveled; I can do this. The additional obstacles were tough but I did it. On one hill climb, we had to carry a tire. Mid-way through my climb, I lost my footing and took a second to find a place to step. For that slight second that I paused, cramps hit both of my legs. It was the worse Charlie horses ever. As I scooted off to the side, several people including a fireman offered to help me down. I politely said no thank you. I told myself I made it this far, I’m not giving up. Liz came to my rescue and climbed the hill with her tire and my tire in tow. As the pain from the leg cramps finally stopped, a man climbing up the hill with his tire offered to help me by showing me where to step and gave me a hand up once I reached the top of the hill. I thanked the man and said to myself; I did it, I didn’t let the hill win today! I’m hooked on OCR and can’t wait to do more races!” – Lillian Cuellar (Cancer Survivor)

Our Core Values

Empower each person you meet on or off the course.