Confessions of an addict

Are you 100% honest with yourself as you wake up every morning to the same routine? How many of us are willing to talk about our own personal addiction?

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I am an addict.  It shames me to admit such a thing, but I could not remain silent any longer.  Addiction affects everything around you from your family, job, friends, and even the amount of money in your bank account.

This addiction has taken me from TX to PA and back within three days driving.  It’s also forced me to VA from TX to spend 10 hours feeding my addiction till I could barely move.  I am not proud of my addiction…………

Wait a minute!!!!!  Just because I love climbing walls, crawling in the mud under barbwire, carrying heavy stuff up and down mountains, yelling Aroo, Corn Fed, or Lone Star and doing my running/ walking combo until I can barely crawl does not make my addiction bad. A bit crazy perhaps, but I am addicted to obstacle course racing.  My comfort zone has been violated many times and each course brings a different kind of pleasure.    This would have never happened over a year ago. I would have laughed in your face as I ate a slice of pizza if I was told I would be a Spartan working my way through trails of mud.  I could barely walk around the block without getting out of breath and let me not talk about all the pain I had.

I stand up right now and say yes I am an addict!

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– Logan Mortan

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