Obstacle racing addict confessions 2022

Are you an obstacle racing addict?

Obstacle racing addict confessions is something many of us share and there are so many people who will never understand why obstacle course is a major part of our lives.

Are you 100% honest with yourself when you wake up to the same routine? How many of us are willing to talk about our addictions? Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am an obstacle course racing addict. I’m ashamed to admit such a thing, but I couldn’t keep quiet anymore. Addiction affects everything around you, from your family, your job, your friends and even the amount of money in your bank account. Sometimes what you’re addicted to requires you to travel to places far beyond your wildest dreams.

This addiction took me all over the United States. It forced me to do things I never thought I would do again. I am not proud of my addiction Obstacle racing addict finishing Spartan Race at Breckenridge.

Wait a minute !!!!! Just because I love climbing walls, crawling through mud under barbed wire, hauling heavy things up mountains, shouting Aroo, Corn Fed, Lone Star Spartan, Women of Obstacle Racing to motivate others, and running/walking till I could barely keep going does not make my addiction a horrible thing. A little crazy maybe because for some reason like many others I pay to suffer, but I’m addicted to obstacle courses.

My comfort zone has been repeatedly violated and each path brings a different type of pleasure from pain and results. This would never have happened years ago. I would have laughed at you over a slice of pizza if someone had told me that I would be racing Spartan Races, Atlas Race, Muddy Mayhem, Dirty Girl Mud Run, and many more races all over the United States. Sometimes it takes a team of other addicts to keep pushing towards the finish line. I’ve hiked mud trails often thinking why am I doing this to myself.

After my third Spartan Race to earn my Trifecta, it took me over 10 hours and I struggled to walk for a week. Regardless of the pain, bruises, and mental suffering, it was amazing to jump over the fire at the finish. The stages of an addict is sending all your time thinking, planning, and counting down to your next obstacle course race. Even if it means missing major family events because you need to earn that medal to prove your awesomeness.

I get up right away and say yes, I’m an OCR addict! Who is with me?

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