Texas Trio

Determined, dedicated and enthusiastic is what the three moms labeled as The Texas Trio are.  On a mission to change their lifestyle of poor eating and lack of physical activity, Stephanie Mitchell, Susan Alford and Tina Basinger decided enough was enough!

Each of these three ladies (two sisters and a cousin) knew something had to change if they planned on losing weight and getting fit.  Like most women, it took looking at a photo, suffering from sore ankles or insisting that purchasing clothes at a bigger size was just not acceptable.  While they all took their separate journey in losing weight, a total of 203 combined pounds lost, it brought them together and closer than ever before. 

It all started with a Facebook post back in the fall of 2012.  Tina was soliciting friends to run her first ever OCR with her in November.  While sisters Susan and Stephanie remained in constant contact over the years, Tina was a distant family member with minimal communication with her cousins.  This changed however when both Susan and Stephanie committed to signing up for the event and run it with her.  From there, hours of chatting on what to wear, research on gear and Googling techniques on completing an OCR unfolded.  All three women, scared to their wits end but excited all the same, stood at the starting line of their very first Warrior Dash and since then turned that moment into a passion of running OCR’s.

Over the past year and a half, these three fiery women have committed to keeping the weight off and staying fit by keeping their race calendars books.  Whether it’s earning their next Spartan Trifecta medal, running in a 25k trail run or other event, you can rest assure the countless hours of chatting on what they are doing next and what to wear still occurs.  This endeavor has indeed brought these three women closer as a family but they have also passed on their better eating habits and fitness to their immediate families. 

The Texas Trio’s name was coined after the VA Super in August of 2013 where it essentially was the hardest race the ladies had encountered.  In their hotel room that evening post race, mentally and physically spent, they vowed to keep going and to have fun with it.  Since then these three pop up at race venues throughout TX and the US.  They are difficult to miss as they are generally singing, making new friends or harassing a DJ for a microphone.  If you do see them, don’t be afraid to say hello.  After all, these three ladies, The Texas Trio “are kind of a big deal”!

Elizabeth Rivera
Elizabeth Rivera

Elizabeth Rivera is the founder of THIS IS WOR - Women of Obstacle Racing, created in 2014. For that, the WOR Pro Team and WOR Battle Buddy were created. Elizabeth works to provide inspiration with social media presence of stories every woman can relate to. Watch for her on the course, and she may feature your story or race with you as a WOR Battle Buddy.